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"Light Warrior" Comfy Bamboo Pocket Hoodie


Designer: Mandalas N' Mantras

$69.00 $92.00

Relax into luxurious comfort wearing this super soft bamboo hoodie with pockets.

Connect to the energy of the Light Warrior within. Embracing both, Masculine and Feminine Divine Energies, the Sun and the Moon, Strength and Vulnerability, Action and Receptivity... Find your own balance. Move forward in life with the mantra of bringing Light  everywhere you go!

We all have the inner Goddess and inner Warrior within. We hope that this beautiful image and message help you embrace both when needed. 

We hope this image will encourage you to keep spreading your Light with both courage and gentleness.

Model is 5'9- wearing a size small

 96% Bamboo Viscose/ 4% Spandex

**limited edition**

We recommend that you wash this garment with cold water with like colors or separately and lay flat to dry.

Artist: Oksana Gritsenko

artwork is copyrighted


More about artwork:

Notice the Usui Reiki Power Symbol - Choku Rei, used as pattern on the Light Warrior/Goddess earrings. The general meaning of Choku Rei is: "Place the power of the universe here".  May the Power of the whole Universe be with you while you shine your Light everywhere you go!

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

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