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"Dare to be You" Adorable Hoodie


Designer: Mandalas N' Mantras

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Wear this super soft, mineral washed hoodie as a reminder to always be True to Yourself!

We Dare You to be True and Authentic because You Are Amazing just the way You Are! Perfect in your Imperfections...

And after all, who else can you really be but yourself? So, let the world see the Real You. Dare to be Authentic! Dare to be You! The Universe has a plan, a blueprint for how you fit into the grand picture. You might not know it yet, but have a little faith. Trust the Universe. All you have to do is show up and be Yourself!   

We think you will look adorable wearing this happy and refreshing color that suites almost everyone! 

This design is also featuring a custom drawn Lotus Flower to represent that when we show our true colors and are our authentic selves, only beauty can come from that. Just like a lotus flower, always showing off its beauty and purity regardless of being surrounded by muddy waters.

95% Rayon/5% Spandex

Model is 5'9 and wearing size small

Artist: Oksana Gritsenko

artwork is copyrighted

**limited edition**

We recommend that you hand wash this garment with cold water and hang to dry.

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

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