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Magical "Awareness Mandala" Top


Designer: Mandalas N' Mantras

$62.00 $95.00

You will absolutely adore the softness and unique image of this garment!

The image represents symbolism of Awareness, Elemental & Energetic Harmony, Intuition, and Good Luck. Look closer to see symbolism of 5 elements (water, fire, air, earth, akasha) and various planets. 

We hope that this image will inspire you to cultivate a deep sense of trust in your intuition as you continue on your life's journey, welcoming good luck and serendipitous reminders that everything is always in perfect order.

70% Cotton/30% Rayon

Model is 5'8 and wearing a size small 

Artist: Oksana Gritsenko

artwork is copyrighted 

**Limited edition**

We recommend that you hand wash this garment with cold water separately and hang to dry. 


More about artwork:

Awareness, Elemental & Energetic Harmony, Intuition and Good Luck. 

Awareness: connection between clarity of the mind and observation (eye), and actions (hand). Living your life with open mind and mental clarity, where actions follow conscious intentions. 

Elemental Harmony: each finger represents one of 5 essential elements: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Akasha. When we are utilizing the energy of each element productively and timely, we experience harmony and flow. 

Energetic Balance: 5 fingers are aligned in each one of us with the energies of 5 planets. Activating these energies, we activate what they represent: pinky- Mercury (energy of self-expression and communication); ring finger- Sun (shining our Light, charisma, courage, identity); middle finger- Saturn (focus, concentration, karmic lessons, meaning of life); index finger- Jupiter (expansion, guidance, sense of purpose); thumb - Venus and Mars (beauty and femininity for Venus; logic, will, action for Mars)

Good Luck: It also represents the Eye of Creator keeping watch on humankind, protecting us and bringing us good fortune. It is similar in nature to a Hamsa symbol. 



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