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OM Mandala Organic Comfy Tee


Designer: Mandalas N' Mantras

$42.00 $68.00


This Super Soft Organic tee featuring a beautiful custom drawn OM Mandala is perfect for everyday wear or Yoga. Look closer at the mandala, it sparkles a little! 

We designed this mandala to create a soothing, meditative state when you are looking at its intricate and beautiful design. Gentle purple tones were used to activate your 6th and 7th chakras (Third Eye and Crown). 

Set the intention to feel in Harmony and connect to the endless Power of the Universe, while wearing this garment. And see what happens with your day. 

This top is made out of soft Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend your skin will love!

Model is 5'9 wearing size small

Color: Cloudburst gray

70% Viscose Bamboo/30% Organic Cotton 

**limited edition**

Artist: Oksana Gritsenko

artwork is copyrighted


More about artwork

Om, originated from Hinduism, is the symbol representing the oneness of all creation and is considered to be the most powerful sound in the Universe. Try meditating chanting OM (AUM) for a few minutes at the beginning of your meditation. The vibration of the sound are known to increase the vibrations of the one chanting it , balancing one's energy and opening the Third Eye Chakra. You might notice slight vibration in the area of your Third Eye after the chant. Just observe it. 

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