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Super soft Relaxed Wisdom Tank


Designer: Mandalas N' Mantras

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We LOVED creating this custom design featuring a beautiful Goddess centered in her inner wisdom, contemplating the infinity. We hope this design and message will inspire you to connect with your inner wisdom of the Heart and Soul, embrace your inner Goddess, feel empowered.

The mantra we created for this image states: "Listen to your Heart, it knows the wisdom of Love. Listen to your Soul, it knows the wisdom of Eternity."  We wanted to offer this as a reminder to always listen to our heart and soul in order to be wisely guided in the right direction.

Color Vibration:  The color grey is very neutral and grounding. It allows us to stay non-judgmental towards ourselves and others.

95% Rayon/Viscose, 5%Spandex/Elastane 

Model is 5'7 wearing size small

artist: Oksana Gritsenko

Artwork is copyrighted

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