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About Us

At Mandalas N’ Mantras we create everything with love and awareness, with intention to  raise vibrations of the world.  

We care about many aspects while designing our collections. 

What we offer is a rare combination of:

Premium Quality garments (super soft, breathable, gentle natural fabrics,  including modal, rayon, bamboo, hemp, and organic blends)

Beauty & Style (we believe looking great makes us enjoy our life more) 

Awareness (all designs and mantras are created with specific intentions to remind us of important aspects of life, raise our vibrations and feel better overall)

Uniqueness (you will not find what we offer anywhere else and each garment is made in very limited edition)

Made in USA (most of our garments are made locally in USA, all prints  have been processed locally. We try to support US based businesses as much as possible)

About the Founders 

Oksana Gritsenko and Zlatka Cholakova have come together to share their life’s purpose, which is to raise vibrations of the world by helping it be a place of love, acceptance, peace and joy through increasing personal awareness.  

Oksana Gritsenko is a Mind Transformation Coach, Creator of Know Your True Self Program, and Founder of Solful Gifts. Solful Gifts is a company that has been helping people since 2013 become whole-functioning and aware. The company offers various classes, programs, meditation, spiritual community support and individual Mind Transformation coaching. A combination of all services helps people heal many emotional wounds, shift their perception of the world, release stress and anxiety, and simply enjoy life more. 

Oksana has a multifaceted background including fine art, economics, education, management, business analysis, information technology and metaphysics. Utilizing of almost two decades of various metaphysical studies, she has helped hundreds of people through her deep understanding of the mind, heart, emotions, intuition and the Universal laws. 

Zlatka Cholakova has been studying personal development and metaphysics since 2008 and it has helped her deepen her connection to her True Self. Through her personal discovery, Zlatka has discovered to her life’s purpose and now she is living in alignment with it. She is a certified  “Know your True Self” Program Coach, helping people become more aware of their true authentic selves.

Together Oksana and Zlatka are enjoying the opportunities this life affords them every day to help others, co-create, learn and share this incredible journey with as many people as they possibly can.

They are grateful that they can touch so many lives through all the services and products they are offering. They are very passionate to give back and support mindful businesses that are making this world a better, safer and more aware place to live. (Please read more under "Giving Back" section).

They hope you will enjoy their creations which are always filled with passion, joy, awareness and dedication.

Mandalas N' Mantras: the meaning of a name

A Mandala is a Sanskrit word for “circle” and at it’s purest sense it represents wholeness. A Mandala is a symbolic representation of the universe, it is a circular cosmic diagram, a geometric figure, used as a spiritual tool to remind us of the universal infinity that resides within us. The foundation of a Mandala transcends time and cultures and it has been used since the ancient times for spiritual guidance by helping us discover our true essence and how we are connected to the universe.

You can see mandalas appearing in all aspects of life, such as the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. It gives us the impression that life is always moving, always changing and repeating but never ending.  For centuries mandalas have been used to also bring focus, awareness of one's mind and peace to the inner self by allowing us to tap into higher states of consciousness.

We are using mandalas as a symbol of unity, balance and harmony that we seek within us and with the world.

The word Mantra, also comes from the sacred language of Sanskrit and has been used for thousands of years as a powerful source of vibration of the sound which acts as an instrument of the mind, allowing one to tune into deeper states of meditation.

According to Dr. David Frawley, when mantras are used silently, they have the ability to help alter our subconscious impulses, habits and disorders . When they are spoken or chanted, the power of Prana, the life force, is activated and is used as healing tool to awaken our spiritual states of consciousness.

In today's world, mantras are used in spiritual practices, as intentions and affirmations.

Both mandalas and mantras are meant to help us return back to our True Essence where we will find Divine wisdom, lasting peace and deep harmony. And that is what inspired us to use the name Mandalas N' Mantras.


The impact of colors and words

Everything in our universe is energy, it just presents itself in different forms and shapes. Colors, words and images also have their own energy and we have carefully incorporated each element into our designs for those seeking to wear high vibration apparel and crystals.

Why are the colors we wear so important? Our entire spectrum of colors is derived from light, which is our most important source of energy. All colors have their own light frequency which affect our Chakras and personal energies. Colors are very powerful and can also be very healing. For example, the color green is connected to our heart Chakra, where love, compassion and harmony comes from, while the color white is connected to our crown Chakra where balance, divinity, and cosmic consciousness comes from. Therefore, by wearing a certain color, our whole being will radiate the essence of that color, and thus affecting how we feel.

And just like colors, words are also extremely powerful vibrations. A single word can uplift us both physically and emotionally, as well as at times can bring us down. Words affect how energy travels through space and by verbally expressing the words, we literally direct the flow of that energy. The more we speak about gratitude, the more grateful we will be, which affects our whole being.

We have thoughtfully selected words and messages that will only uplift and inspire you, make you connect to the essence of gratitude, love, compassion, wisdom, peace, joy and make your heart smile.

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

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